The Attractiveness of Ice Wine

Ice wine is mainly made in the Pacific Northwest area, in which the weather conditions are right for the wine.

As ironic as it is, ice wine is made in small quantities. With the wine needing only the finest of quality and a lack of availability, the product is highly rare. Truth be told, there are just a lucky few who are really able to buy the wine. Ice wine, due to the little amount, can be highly expensive and out of the budget for a lot of us.

Much like the exquisiteness of possessing a diamond, ice wine is a thing that many of us hope and dream to have at some point in our lives. Although the ingredients are rare, the weather conditions are even more critical to making this wine. Once the right weather conditions is available, the wine maker arranges to make this highly rare and priceless wine.

The basic necessities required to make ice wine are really ripened grapes and a temperature of about 5 degrees C. The temperature must stay that way for many days, so that the wine maker can finish the process of making the wine. Grapes that are frozen during these very cold temperatures are hand-picked at night by the wine maker and his team.

To make a bottle of ice wine, full vine grapes may be needed. Once the grapes have been gathered, they are lightly pressed, in order to gather the running juice. The temperature makes the frozen water crystals, which are fermented along with sugars and the particles that are found in the running grape juices. Through this procedure, the wonderful and rare ice wine is made.

If you have been trying to find ice wine, finding it can be quite difficult. Even if you’re able to find it, it can cost you thousands of dollars for just one bottle.