Wine Tasting Events: What You Need to Know

Going to a wine tasting can be quite entertaining. However, there are a huge majority of fake wine connoisseur’s out there who don’t want to attend these gatherings because they don’t know what they are supposed to do or how to behave when at a wine tasting. With wine tastings, there is no great mystery. Here are a few things you should know.

In proper etiquette, typically the ladies are served before the men. With some wine tastings, there will be bottled water provided. This is just for you to rinse your mouth out before every sample of wine you try, getting your mouth clear of all the tastes of the previous wine. Plain crackers are also given at wine tastings for this very same reason. When handling a wine glass, attention should be given to where you are holding the glass. Make sure to always hold the glass by the stem, ensuring the wine is not harmed by the warmth of your hand and the flavor is not changed.

When at a wine tasting, try not to smoke as smoking hinders a person’s sense of taste. Also, try and steer clear of chewing gum or eating mints because this will distort the taste of the wine. Additionally, try not to wear a perfume or after shave that is strong as this could alter not only your sense of taste but also your neighbors.

You can tell a lot about a wine only by it appearance. When at a wine tasting, the wine glasses should be crystal clear so you can hold it up to the light and examine the body of the wine. Also, the wine glasses should be set on a white linen table cloth so all is visible. Don’t let the wine category misguide you. For example, white wines are not really white in color. They usually vary in color from yellow to brown.

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